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Not so; the first two seasons followed the same split-cour format, the first airing in summer 2008 and the second in winter 2009. Personally I've felt that these past two seasons have been a drop in both story quality (the multi-episode arcs aren't as effective as the single-episode stories) and production quality. Perhaps other people feel the same way and have decided to stop following the series.
Whether there is a dip in quality is all subjective. I felt there were weak and strong episodes in every season, but season 4 had the strongest ending which happened to be a multi-part story. But anyways I don't think we can determine a drop of sales based on our personal opinions.

Edit: Actually it was the same time difference between season 1 & 2 & season 3 & 4. Although I don't believe season 2 was announced during season 1's run. There was of course a much larger gap between seasons 2 & 3.
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