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Originally Posted by octaviahawk View Post
-what is with those random, lazy Konoha Shinobi? As someone pointed out, one of the no-namers seems to be a buddy/brother-type of Kabuto's--someone who will "acknowledge" Kabuto, as he so desperately wants. I have a feeling they are going to be p'owned next chapter.
It is one of his 'brothers' that was living with Kabuto in the orphanage. You can see a younger version of him on page 12 of this chapter. He's the one patting Kabuto's helmet. I think the Konoha headbands they were wearing were supposed to be headbands of the Allied Shinobi forces though...

Those last two pages make me think that there's a chance that Kabuto might survive this. Why show that guy still thinking about Kabuto otherwise?
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