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Hmmm.... I think, I get Kishi’s explanation.

So, Izanami is basically like a “repeat” button on your DVD remote, right? But instead of pressing a button twice from point A to B (or A to A’ in this case), you use all your senses to remember an act (first button press) and then, you do that very same act again (second button press) to repeat the cycle.

Still, in this loop, Kabuto is still free to do what he wants. He just have to do the “right” act to get out of the loop. Meanwhile, Itachi inside the genjutsu can still communicate with Kabuto in real time, not just a repeating hallucination.

So, Izanami is used to control Izanagi so those Izanagi-equipped Uchihas didn’t became arrogant and as a preventer of chaos produced by clash between destiny-changing Izanagi eyes? Nice.
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