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1st point: Yes, I agree. You can't blame Himiko for being afraid, right? It happens to everyone. Those girls are inconsiderate, especially Miho, banishing her friend for that reason. That girl is lucky to be saved by the Police before she got drugged and such; hell, even if she got raped, at least she lived to see the day rather than being turned into sex slaves. See what I mean!

And yet, those girls have the nerve to banish her just like that! What kind of friends are they?

That is the worst kind of people out there!!! Who do you think those girls are? Do they have such right to condemned her for what she hasn't done. Girl, she's also a victim just like you. I'd say it's also Mihos' fault for not knowing the kind of guy he admired. That guys' face is full of ill intentions.

The girls got raped but their lives were spared but banishing Himiko and gets big wad of cash in exchange: I'd say "Go to HELLLL you bitches!!!" How dare you call yourselves her friends!!!!
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