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I don't follow NBA too closely but I'd say there aren't at least 15 teams that'll be competitive. Which teams are they? I'm genuinely curious. Way I see it, barring serious injuries:
Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Thunder, Clippers, Spurs are the favorites.
Timberwolves, Knicks, Bulls are hopeful and/or may surprise.

Nine teams is probably four more than I thought would be relevant this season. I'm still not convinced the Knicks are there yet even with their great start so only a tiny part of me is happy they're winning games atm. I'm still wearing my Knicks stuff sometimes but damnit, blue and orange is still weird on me.

Any news on flopping front? I only heard of warnings for Barea and someone else. Are there more no calls or is it just me?

If Phil Jackson signs on as coach again it'll look like he's pursuing more easy wins [and rings?] for the records. I don't mind much but would've liked it if he took on a losing team and makes it great.
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