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Wasn't sure I was gonna like Rita causing the missunderstandings but in the end I really enjoyed Shiina getting jealous, it was like the hunter becoming the hunted!

Ryuunosuke reminds me of a an anime version of sheldon cooper from big bang theory so he's fun to have around.

Also Takamori Natsumi who voices Misaki has got some crazy vocal range, I already knew that since this Misaki is really different from the Misaki she did in Another but got a good reminder from the one line Misaki says when they start playing the game,she sounded completely different.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
One downside of this episode is that it seems to be very hectic- jumping from one scene to the next, I don't know if this is because I've read the source material but I wonder if anybody else felt it as well?
A bit but not any more than say ep5 or 7, I'm kind of used to sakurasou being a bit hectic
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