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I just finished watching the movie. Well, they've certainly deliberately hidden alot of things - these movies are supposed to be TSAB propaganda flicks, right? The script was definitely written up to be that way, given that they axed the whole Graham side plot out.

I do think that while the fight scenes were awesome, character development never actually successfully reached the depth provided during the original A's anime.

It seems though that the Battle of Aces might actually been the outcome, had Hayate actually spoken to Reinforce in the actual continuity, like she did in the movie. There's a bit of fridge horror - this suggest that when Reinforce was uninstalled, much of the cast of the Battle of Aces was also uninstalled with her - this includes the Materials et all. Correct me if this theory is wrong - it might well be, since my knowledge of Battle of Aces is second hand.

As for the final scene, I have a wild, terrible speculation. The set-up scene at the very end of the movie is the very opening sequence of the doomed mission that ended with Nanoha almost crippled for life, that was alluded to in Strikers S. If the third movie is indeed an interquel between Striker S and A's, one possibility might be that it is the events leading up to the doomed mission where Nanoha's almost destroyed her Linker Core.

Then again, I wonder whether the producers would dare to go for a downer ending, or a not so happy ending where Nanoha has just begun to recover....
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