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I'm confused with what scene you're referring to. The final scene of the movie was of Nanoha, Fate and Hayate throwing their devices into the air, and it was identical to the Nanoha a's series ending. It does nothing, to the best of my knowledge, to set-up for the doomed mission that cripples Nanoha. Do you mind clarifying?
It is a wild speculation, in reference to an incident in Striker S, that we hear of, but never really know much off.

In Strikers S Episode 9, there's a reference to an incident where Nanoha almost got herself crippled for life for pushing her linker core beyond it's limits in a mission- this was mentioned during the early training arcs in Striker S, after the incident where Nanoha Pwned Teena Lanster. From a quick check with the Nanoha wiki, the mission occurred two years after Nanoha As.

But given that this scene seems to be when they are around 12, this suggest either Nanoha's linker core meltdown has taken place and has been resolved, or that meltdown is going to come soon. After all, Rein Zwei was created two years after the death of Reinforce. The epilogue scene of the movies is supposed to probably have occurred shortly after Rein Zwei's creation. Nanoha is well and alive in the closing scene, with no signs that her linker core meltdown has already occurred.

Which coincides with the mission where Nanoha's linker core failed, which also occurred a little over two years after Nanoha A's. I'd venture to then guess that the closing scene of the movies is between the creation of Rein Zwei, and Nanoha's linker core failure mentioned in Striker's S. Even then, I acknowledge that the closing scene of the movies may not necessarily be the beginning of the mission that led to Nanoha's linker core meltdown. And in-fact, it could have occurred after the Linker Core meltdown- but they look 12, not 14.

Let me emphasize again: this is merely wild speculation: I do not have evidence, besides the chronology, what I can remember of the anime and the manga, and the Nanoha wiki - the pages concerning Nanoha, Rein Zwei and Vita, who was with Nanoha when Nanoha's linker core failed.
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