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Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post
Before the incident. 1 year wouldn't do to her restoration.
But if it was before the Incident, then this scene is a little... bittersweet. For all we know, it could be the very beginning of the mission that ended with Nanoha having to be rehabilitated- and that would be quite a horrifying proposition.

Of course, even if it wasn't, there's still the fact that such a "Happy end" will soon be followed by immense suffering in the near future. Anywhere between a few weeks and few months from this scene, Nanoha would be severely wounded.

If the third movie is going to depict that mission where Nanoha ends up almost dying, I can forsee the opening scenes actually playing out eerily similar to the second movie epilogue. If indeed, the PV of the third movie shows a 12 years old Nanoha and company, as opposed to 14 or 16 or 20, that plot may well be the never fully shown tale where Nanoha almost died.

I wonder how the third third season would have been received, had it not been a ten year time skip, but a two year time skip covering the birth of Rein Zwei, the events leading up to Nanoha getting maimed..... etc, etc...

If Nanoha pumped out as many seasons with the regularity of say, PreCure, and in chronological order, methnks we would be somewhere in the events of late Strikers S... or perhaps early Vivid just about now.
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