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Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie View Post
But look at how Mao treats Emi in comparison. Emi destroyed his empire, killed his generals, and forced him to escape to dimension which cost him his powers and he has to live a life of a service worker in order to climb back up again. Yet he really doesn't hold any hostility or ill will towards her.
He himself said that he will return and take everything back. His empire, his generals and minions... thier loss was just a setback, nothing he can't get back somehow. Also, we never were told why he let his armies attack the human nations in the first place. So it might have been other reasons than simple extermination.

And as others said Emilia might have a personal grudge against him. This was even shown a little when she spied at him together with Alsiel (Who we know is also Demonkin, but he didn't got as much hatred from her as the Maou did).

Yes, that's cleary a character flaw of hers, but I don't see why some people use this to question her status as a "hero". She seems pretty kind towards fellow humans (And seriously... you don't even need to be a nice person to be hailed a hero).
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