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Not a lot of comedy this week. The episode mostly focused on drama. We got to learn about Emilia's backstory, and as expected, she had a very personal reason to want to take the Demon Lord down. Her hatred for him is understandable, as well as her confusion over his current behavior. It's starting to look like Maou was never truly evil and was simply a conqueror. His generals like Lucifer were probably the evil ones. Not Alsiel though. He's a pure husbando.

The source of magic in the human world is... feelings? I assumed it was positive feelings at first, but Lucifer still has access to his powers and he's clearly not a good guy. Strong feelings in general then. He's apparently currently feeding off Miho's negative emotions. I take it that's how he managed to retain his powers: using humans as his source of magic.

This is getting interesting. Hopefully, the show will find a good balance between drama/action and comedy. I don't want it to become all serious business.
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