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Originally Posted by C.A.
What's kanabun?
Scarab beetle.

Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle
For Yuki's hidden commentary of each episode (she's credited for writing the brief summary of the episodes), the one for "Someday in the Rain" reads "Change has begun......" I'll leave you to guess what Yuki means.
Have you heard the latest SOS-dan radio meeting (19th meeting)? Yuki broke.
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (probably most of you), one of the corners for the SOS-dan radio branch ( involves Chihara Minori receiving trivia question mails from the listeners and then answering them on the spot as Yuki.

For example:

Listener: "I don't know what the story of Kintarou is about, please explain it to me."
Yuki: "...It's a story about Kintarou becoming a company president."


Listener: "What do cliones, also called fairies of the ice, eat to survive?"
Yuki: "...Foie gras."

...basically, the corner features Yuki answering trivias calmly with nonsense. ^^;

But in this week's 19th meeting, Yuki snapped.

For example:

Listener: "We grow eyebrows in order to protect what?"
Yuki: "Your forehead! Next!"

Listener: "What do I have to do to get my mail read?"
Yuki: "Don't ask me, I dunno! k, next!"

...etc. Really, it was funny and confusing at the same time.

(between laughters)
Yuuko: "Why is Yuki sounding so mean? Did something bad happen!?"
Aya: "That wasn't Yuki nor Minorin~"
Yuuko: "The people listening to the radio are probably all confused right now--"
Minori: "Felt as if something just popped out"

Anyway, if this was a publicity stunt for Shoushitsu, I gotta say, it's brilliant.
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