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Originally Posted by Pakxenon
I counted the episode log slots. It seems that the next season will have 12-21 episodes (count yourself from the activity log page) (logically). That's weird... first, they'll run out of stories, and second, it's an unusual number.

And in case anyone is as obsessed with it as I was... at 40 reviews with an average of 9.8, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu (yes, one 'u') debut at #80 on the top200 at Unfortunately, the mods took down 5 reviews and now sits at 35 reviews. >=(
that too bad, frankly, Haruhi is one of the current animes that i think have excellent quality points ^_^, character designs, OPs, etc., all are scores., stories are the least of my worries, as long as we get to see more in th clubroom activities
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