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Originally Posted by woodearth View Post
Is the sourcebook worth getting? That is, does it have lots of nice pictures (color too?) and not much text? This is the japanese sourcebook in the tankoubon format that costs about 2x a regular volume. It has the girls in a police lineup for the cover.
If you mean the "Guide Book" it might be worth getting... if you can read japanese that is.(however the cost to send it overseas will cost you several times what the book is worth, as it cost me $40 for an $8 book from Amazon Japan)

The few color pics it has are already circulating on the net, and I also scanned the 2 manga sections out of the book. One has already scanlated my me, and the other has just the translation while I'm slowly scanlating that one too. To see both just click on my sig logo and it will take you to my scanlation page on Manga Helpers.

However it's chock full of text, and it it's slightly out of date for all the newer things going on, as it was published about the time of the later half of the snow village arc.

Originally Posted by Ryuujin View Post
A cat is fine too?
Ah, so you read that Tsukihime doujin too, huh?

Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
lol, Nekonome is indeed... screwable?
As screwable as any other cat girl, right? I think so. And someone did a fanfic of Tsukune getting it on with her too, well 2 actually if you count the resent one that shows Mizore masturbating outside of the window while Nekonome and Tsukune are shagging.
Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Note to all ANN reviews are just opinions and bias comments not "REAL" reviews.
Ah, it's just any review by this Carlos guy, if there was someone else doing the review, I'm sure they'd put at least SOME praise in.
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