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Wow, I haven't posted here in a bit, but I've been reading the posts on email.

I want to know if he hugged her in the novel? In this scene. I'm sure there is major anticipation for anything FMP related, but it seems that Sagara not being able to engage her creates even more anticipation for another season.

And jeeze, I've been reading the manga's from the library, and I just have to say that, the art is awesome; swimsuits are great! Anyway, I'd suggest checking it out if possible. Though the story is really slow. Like even after 7 or 8 volumes, the first part of the series isn't even over. Sorry if that's off topic.

Decon_Blues: the rooftop scene is probably my fav as well. I'm going to have to re-run TSR and AIR sometime sooon!

Masanori I like the sig!
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