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I've always kind of interpreted Soujirou's behavior as "misses his wife" (the love of tiny petite women) -- as something he's grown into. But its also quite possible he was entranced with her because of lolicon-ish thoughts.

His otaku'ness (anime, games, and an unusual stay-at-home job) already doom him as being considered strange. I rather like the way the manga and the anime leave it somewhat ambiguous so that some might see him creepy and others see more complexity.

On a separate note, I concur with Sorrow's thoughts on the jarring nature of the editing. Even allowing for 4-koma adaptation challenges, it sometimes seemed they weren't taking the production very seriously (which amplifies Kaoishin's observations that Kyoani mostly saw L*S's anime as a platform for other things than L*S itself.). A few more viewings of how AzuDa handled the adaptation issues might have been useful for them
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