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Originally Posted by Rembr View Post
What kind of intent should they have?

If I was on Family Feud, I'll say Creepy. And I'm confident I'll get a lot of points.
Considering the number of hosts that show goes through I'd say you and everyone here has just as much a chance of being the next host of Family Feud as being a contestant on it. So you can ask the questions like you just did and we'll provide the survey answers. Seriously though, Family Feud just gives you the common American response which is so heavily influenced by pop culture at this point that it's kind of hard to take as a well-thought out viewpoint. The average person will just believe whatever he is told and that's good enough for them. No need to think about the in's and out's of anything or to consider alternate possibilites and belief systems. QUICK SNAP JUDGEMENTS AND RESPONSES ARE WHAT AMERICA WANTS! IN THIS VOICE TOO!

By the answer is Vexx. You are Vexx at 80 respondents. Kaioshin at 10 a Lolicon at 9 and a 1 at cute
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