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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
People snap-judge assume he's not related to me and then they assume he's my date. It goes downhill for them from there.
Spoiler for ugly mug check, avoid if you'd prefer keeping me a vaporous haze...:

More snap-dilweed assumptions:
1) my japanese-american wife and my euro-irish self will be shopping and standing *right next to each other* often discussing an item. Sales clerk will walk up and ask her if she needs help. Then she'll ask me if I need help. I'll say "...... I'm with her." They get embarrassed.
2) Same scenario except they'll ask ME if SHE needs help (they assume she speaks no english)..... usually she'll respond in a nasty Texas accent. They get embarrassed.

I remember a Canadian border guard getting beet-red embarrassed when he asked ME if SHE could speak english.... I won't even repeat what she said in her growliest texas accent....
Every time you post a picture of yourself with that awesome beardstache it brings a smile to my face.
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