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Originally Posted by Haruyasha View Post
MBS is a broadcasting company. With an unspecified release date, I would presume any contracts would not be in stone at this time, and thus MBS would not be listed in the copyright as of yet.

Just saying.
That's not how it generally works. Copyrights are not granted simply because a station is broadcasting a show. They are granted because the station is one of the production partners of the show. Basically how it works is that in Japan you decide at the beginning of production how you want to get a show funded. If you are making a TV series, you get a broadcasting partner on board before you start making the show, and they will sponsor a part of the production cost in exchange for broadcast rights and a cut of the profits. That broadcaster can then sublet the broadcast rights to other stations which also want to broadcast the show. This is why there is always a main broadcaster which gets to air a show first, while all other stations have to air later, and if for whatever reason the main broadcaster cannot air an episode, everyone else gets delayed as well.

Generally if there is no broadcaster involved in the production plans, it is not a TV series, and the production partners involved are planning on profits from direct sales and event screenings. Sometimes a show can be originally planned as a TV series, but the inability to get a broadcast partner on board can also result it in being distributed by alternate means. An example will be Xam'd, which was eventually released after Sony agreed to get on board and release it as one of the flagship titles for their PSN Video service.

While I'm not completely discounting the possibility of this eventually being shown on television in Japan, I would say the odds of it being an actual TV series in the traditional sense is basically zero. To add to this, the Knightmare Frame designer for Akito commented on Twitter that the show is like an OVA being promoted as a theatrical product instead. As someone who is involved in the production, he would know what it is, wouldn't you say?
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