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On a side note, what do the anti-Taichi faction thinks of Hikaru (Hikaru no Go)? Because frankly, I saw Hikaru do much worse stuff to a friend (Sai/Akari) then anything Taichi ever did and yet I never see the hate toward Hikaru. To me, both Hikaru and Taichi is realistic, compare to idealistic characters.
I think Hikaru no Go is a better 'card/board game sport' anime since it focuses more of the sport of it than the social interactions where Chihayafuru is the opposite.

But oh man, Hikaru, I compare him more to Chihaya actually. Obsessed about a game and only sees it and nothing else. At least Chihaya has friends.

Hikaru's only friend throughout the whole series was only Sai. Even his rivals and other Go players were acquittances at best. He never hang out with them outside of Go, and abandoned his high school and childhood female friend and ect.

I get depressed when I think about Hikaru's character nowadays.

I feel Taichi is more realistic. He was kind of a jerk, but he was a kid, so its a bit more forgiveable.
Right now, he's just trying to pursue his own goals, but he's not very considerate and is willing to step over people to do it. Its good that he has a drive now, but it kind of sucks how he handles outsiders.
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