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Epic Mindf*ck anime?

Like the title says, I'm looking for something that will mess with my mind. Something suspenseful and full of mystery and plot twists. And by that, I mean those plot twists where you go WHAT?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?? BUT NOW EVERYTHING TOTALLY MAKES SENSE! OH MY GOSH THIS IS AWESOME MY MIND IS BLOWN!! Time travel and infinity loops don't hurt, either, as long as they're handled well and are well-explained. Basically, I'm looking for something like the visual novel Ever17, but in anime form.

So, I'm not looking for something that is so bizarre that you feel mindf*cked, but rather something with an underlying mystery that the viewer is trying to work out as he or she watches but probably will never be able to, and the mindf*ck occurs as the mystery is revealed. An underlying mystery isn't necessary, though, as long as the plot twists are cool enough.

I realize I am not really wording my request very well, but here are some anime I've watched that sort of fit the criteria:

Madoka Magica
Steins;Gate (which has yet to blow my mind but seems to have the potential to)
Chaos;Head (which I didn't like, but the overall premise is sort of what I'm looking for)
Mai HiME (doesn't really fit the criteria, but I loved the plot twists as the series got darker)
Higurashi & Umineko
Death Note
Code Geass

Complete list of what I've seen HERE

Also, I don't really like shounen ai, shoujo ai, yuri, yaoi, or mecha. Yes, I realize Madoka is up there and it's got shoujo ai tendencies and Code Geass is mecha, but those genres are generally not my cup of tea. I'd also like to avoid extreme gore or violence, but I'll deal with it if the series is *that* good. Fanservice is ok but I'd rather avoid it. I'm also trying to find anime I've never heard of, so please bring on the obscure mindfuck series recommendations!

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