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Originally Posted by AmeNoJaku View Post
Look, I understand that these kind of films are made just for profit, instead of some inherent artistic pursuit or vision, but doesn't that fact bother anyone here? I really have a hard time even understanding why would a parent take his children to watch the sequels, leaving aside the fans of the book, that cherished it during their childhood.
It's interesting. My kids (back when they were kids) actually hated the Hobbit for a bedtime story. Lord of the Rings, OTOH, I read cover-to-cover with my first son when he was about five. Five years later, I was reading it to son #2 and son #1 crept back into bed with us to hear it again. And since then, they've read the books at least several times. The Hobbit they've never warmed up to other than as an early writing attempt by Tolkien.

The recent Hobbit movie was a bit of a redemption of the story for them -- as in, "Oh, that's what Tolkien was trying to convey!" (minus the Peter Jackson comedic inserts).
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