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Originally Posted by Sterling01 View Post
I'm a He

I don't even get the point your trying to make
Okay your a guy sorry bout that it's hard to tell since were talking over forums, and all, though now i'm completly sur your a guy because I checked your profile, and it said "Rosario + Vampire (Fuck Yeah, Tits!!)" in your Currently watching list.

Also for DX HBK there would be no real point in trapping Kazumi, and forcing Yuji to merg with Sairei no Hebi because after their merger Yuji is still in control of their body, the only difference is that he turns in to a Guze no Ou, he has all of Sairei no Hebi's powers, he has a extremely huge amount of PoE, and he's the most powerful guze no Ou on earth

Also in the novel Yuji wants to merge with Sairei no hebi, because he agree's with Sairei no hebi's plans, and ideals, and wants to bring them about because they benifit him, Shana, and the rest of the world. well that is if his plans work, if they fail then the earth goes poof.
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