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Anime you love but everyone else hates?

Pretty much the opposite of the other thread. No, I don't mean underrated. We already have a thread like that. I mean shows that you liked and you see a LOT of negativity about them. Online reviews, a majority of opinions you see on forums, what your friends say, etc. This is your chance to defend them.

If you're brave enough.

Mine are:

It's loli. It's ecchi. It's wrong. But I loved it. I found it hilarious and cute. Especially the jokes where you think the characters are engaged in something really naughty and it turns out that they're doing something ridiculous. It really made me laugh out loud. And all the reviews I've seen on this series bash it to no end. The reviewers don't even watch the ending! They watch like four episodes and deem it as crap. Rizelmine has one of the best endings I've ever seen in an anime! Underneath all the ecchi and loli fanservice is a sweet romantic comedy about two young kids. I am not ashamed to say that I liked it!

Wow. Yes, this is really ecchi. But it's funny. It's the funniest ecchiest anime I've seen, I think. Again, this gets bashed because people seem to take it too seriously. They don't get that the point of Mouse is to make you laugh with random stupid perverted humor. And I don't know how one could not laugh at a scenario when the main character is looking for the remote to the TV and one of his harem maids shows up with the remote buttons on her breasts! Come on, that is FUNNY!

I admit the manga is FAR FAR better but the anime is fine for what it is. The only problem is there's not enough of it. I've seen people saying that DearS is an anime that completely degrades women into sex slaves. Bullcrap. There are male DearS too! The plot may not be very much. But I love the characters, colors, and animation in DearS. Its purpose is to entertain and it did. Much more than Chobits. But of course this is coming from someone who is sick of the Chobits hype.

Other anime I like that people seem to hate a lot....

Kirarin Revolution. Yeah it's shoujo fluff. Well I LIKE shoujo fluff.
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
Disgaea. It's different than the game, sure. But it's not THAT bad.
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