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1) InuYasha
-I don't absolutely 10/10 love it, of course, but I don't see why people complain so much about it. Of course it's repetitive, but there's constant action with all the adventures you need. There's also romance and comedy, which is a plus, and also the characters switch back from one world to the next so I didn't get bored much. At the very least it shouldn't be on the same levels as Lee's Training Session or Bounto.

2) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-It's sad that this anime is now hated by people who used to love it because some of the people who still loves it are making too big of a deal about it so it converts people who used to love it into people who now hates it? I love it, and it doesn't matter if those people over there portray Haruhi as God, since I don't, and they're not going to influence me to somehow hate it.

3) Myself ; Yourself
-Where should I start. Oh right, the ending. I agree that it wasn't top-notched, but people will rate this anime very low just because the ending was bad and they forgot about the arc(s) they like. Others say that Hinako has no purpose and should be given less screen time, but I enjoy her episodes a lot even if it doesn't fit into the plot. There are many more reasons given on why this anime sucks, but since it's used to promote a game, I didn't choose to look too deep into this anime and just enjoy the slice-of-life-ish aspect of the anime plus some random drama.

Of course this is all opinion; I'm not trying to "convert" any of you and you don't have to flame back.

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