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DearS : I don't what the hell went wrong with this one. First people hate it because it is a clone of Chobits. Well, that's true because Chobits came earlier. However there are some aspects that makes DearS better than Chobits. DearS are aliens who suppose to be slaves to humans and other sentient beings but instead they were treated like celebrities. They enjoyed full Japanese citizenship which persocoms in Chobits did not. In Chobits other hand, like it or not persocoms are just objects. Second, most people claim it has too many fanservice. That was true actually but I did not hate it. Comparing between Chobits and DearS are just like apple and orange. Both have their own pros and cons. People who enjoyed DearS are actually tired with Chobits hype. However I do love both but I just hate to see people compare both with each other.

Gundam Seed: I know lots of people love it too but I saw people still bashing it today. First thing which most people hate it that the main characters are emo. That was true but if your best friends killed right front of you, you may get pretty emo too.Second this show have too many 'main' mobile suits which are too powerful for real robots like them. It was true by universal but Gawain in Code Geass is like that too but I never heard someone else give similar complain about it.
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