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I knew exactly what you were referring to, but I thought I just wanted to make that quick point about the ending. The ending was what swayed me, but it unfortunately did not sway others. I never thought that the ending was whether Haruhi or Mitsubishi won, but for me, it was Akagi reading Haruhi's story and winning mahjong championships, and of course, Mitsubishi crying, Teriyaki smiling at the book, and Shinichirō with his girlfriend.

*scrolls up to remind himself what the original discussion was*

Oh yes, we were discussing the ending, not the ending. I still find it similar to School Days' ending though. Although KgNE's ending wasn't central to the story (as you and I agreed above), I still think it was the point that swayed people on whether or not they liked it or not, because of the betrayal themes and childhood promises and whatnot. It's kinda interesting how Akagi reads a story in both the ending and the ending, which is really cool now that I think about it.

Oh and of course I gave School Days a 6/10, which is above average, a good score for my scale.

Who needs spoiler tags, right?
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