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Yes, I'm in Japan, but only for another....2.5 days. (I return to the states on Tuesday to work from April to June).

As for it's broadcasting, I'm going to say a season II is probobly very promising, but there is no "official" news yet. In other words, when I went to a couple very well known anime places in Akihabara (Animate and Gamers), they actually had posters up for the anime broadcasting of S&W. They were very large posters as well, which means that the space the company could have put something else up at, was devoted to S&W, a very good sign. Also, the day I went a bought book I of the series, I was standing at their section (they weren't on a shelf...well, they were...but they were also on a display stand, which is where I was) and a couple people were picking up copies of any Volume from 1-7 from the stand. Then I finally got the drive and said, "whatever" to the near 700Y price, and bought it. So yes, right now, it's being broadcast very VERY well, in many many stores, shops, etc around Shinjuku and Akihabara. It has at least one small little poster in a section or so of any of the other book stores I visit, which aren't manga/anime affiliated. A season II is very likely, but again, no "official" SII yet.

Does that help?? ^_^

(I edited in the following)

I'm not too sure of the figures, so sorry about that. But I want to point out that the advertising and such may be for sales of S&W DVD's, and you have to remember that due to copyright laws, etc, Asuna has to sign over the rights to a company, and as it stands (don't know for sure this yet) Asuna may only have signed over Volume I and II. You have to remember the anime airs at after midnight on the main networks. (AT-X is huge here) which isn't too promising for it's slot time. 1 episode a week could do with a better prime light. Anyway, because of this, the anime rendition may be Asuna's way of getting people interested in the NOVELS, not a second anime season. The anime companies would have accepted with knowledge of profit (ie how many books already purchased) but may not be looking into a Second Season. They may have just aired one for short term profit from what Asuna signed over, and have a bit of an extra income, but the Light Novels is where Asuna wanted the anime to bring fans to. This last part is all speculation though, Asuna may have signed over the rights to all 7 of the novels for anime adaption.

Also, I did end up going to the Tokyo International Anime Fair today, (the first Otaku event of my life...^_^) and it was quite interesting. I was hoping for there to be booths where people would try to sell their own material, like....Comic Party ^_^, but that wasn't the case. (that's for the summer and winter Comiket from what I hear.) Instead, it was pretty much a huge....mass marketing strategy. There were tons of booths from tons of company's, media works, animax, (even nickelodeon....), etc. There were large posters all over the place, showing pretty much the spring anime releases, the up and coming ToLoveRu among the many. The posters were all of "the top" series, Naruto, Bleach, on the action side. D.C. II on the romance side, Death Note, etc etc. But no matter where or how hard I looked, there was nothing by any of the groups, about an up-and-coming Spice and Wolf Season II. It may have been advertised well for season I, but as for Season II...No company's even had a mention of it. There does seem to be an interesting series coming up by Production I.G. which did Ghost in the Shell, titled "The Sky Crawlers." But again, at this convention for the spring animes', popular series, etc, there was no Spice and Wolf.

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