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Originally Posted by PreSage View Post
In fact, I like them both because there are both good and not so good points to their characters - and when you have that contradicting feeling to a character, it means the characters were well made because they are more realistic this way.

Just because I like a character does not mean that I won't accept the fact that the character I like may have some faults that I may not agree with. And this is what I am doing here, expressing my disappointment in some of his actions but supporting him in others. That goes for Zero too.
Excellent point. It is in but the flaws of a character that makes them realistic to us!
Imagine, a perfect Kaname (mind you, in the beginning we had the impression that Kaname was perfect and all noble and humble, until we saw his 'darker' side) or a perfect Zero, we would loose interest in the characters themselves. Because they are too perfect. I haven't read the manga for about 2 months now, but I was up to date until then, but I think others may or may not agree with me on that statement. Like Sophocles said (in context to creating a character for a tragedy, but I think I can use this point here as well), in order to develop a true and deep character, they must have flaws. Perhaps this is why we are all so drawn to this story and its characters.

Personally, I am a Zero fan, I just think he is a beautiful character in all aspects.
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