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I def agree with your statement, I am a KanameYuuki shipper but thats not the reason I dislike Zero. It seems trivial to dislike a character soley based on ship preferances.

Zero is emo, we've all established that I guess why I dont like this vers of emo is cuz of how he ends up treating Yuuki due to it. She wants to help him, even feels bad when she makes the comment about vampires in epi 3. But when she refuses to shoot him he gets all uptight and tells her to pretty much get out of his life. That I have a problem with. Obviously the guy has issues, given his family life and whatnot but this isnt something new to anime, I just dont like how he deals with it all.
indeed , I don't like his acts towards Yuuki .. also it's not the ends of the world whats happened to him .. he have to be in realty and do something ...
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