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Originally Posted by cebukitty View Post
why do so many people badmouth zero for being too "emo"? with the emotional baggage he's lugging around, it'd be downright weird if he acted too cheerful or totally apathetic about his current condition.

Spoiler for manga spoilers until chapter 39:
I have the same views as you except the Yuuki part.

Originally Posted by Yonaka-Mikuzuki View Post
Spoiler for manga:
No I don't think he's a Sasuke, their pasts are different. No older brother to hate, no clan to re-establish, and no Narutard to tail his ass. Besides that, their goals are also different. He didn't aim to be powerful and go to the enemy to get his revenge.

I just don't see why Zero keeps being compared to Sasuke, Suzaku and other (I-don't-even-want-to-use-the-term-anymore) characters. God forbid he gets to be compared to Kira Yamato next.

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