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Originally Posted by Haruyasha View Post
Someone needs to send A1 Pictures a cease and desist order. This will stop them from further butchering any other decent series in the future.

They already proved themselves incapable with Persona.. I don't know who decided it would be a swell idea to give them Valkyria Chronicles. :sadface:

edit: I mean, I am at a loss of words.. I've never seen such poor design. This is some of the worst budgeting I had seen yet... Not to mention, the sound effects cut off randomly, giving me the assumption the audio was chopped up in 5 minutes.
Thanks at least for providing somewhat of a practical example of the problems you found, otherwise that would have been little more than a troll post. Still, though, for all the complaining I've heard about this show, I'm not sure much of it has focused on the design, animation, and sound editing. I guess we'll see what people thought in the Overall Impressions thread that will be open soon.
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