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Originally Posted by Swiftflyte View Post
You guys are doing a great job, even if you just gave up now a lot of people would be grateful.....disregarding the previous statement PLEASE DON'T STOP T_T
Yes, because it's such a good idea for them to risk copyright infringement (and the accompanying fines) in contravention of their own stated intention to stop the project if and when they got C&Ded, even though they've already had all the current novels translated for over two years, just so you can...well, I don't know why you want them to keep the project going, since they haven't added anything in forever, all the previous work is all available with a simple Google search, and God only knows when Volume 10 will come out...

Someone else will translate 10 when it comes out. It's just like when a fansub group quits. Sit tight.

And wow...necropost much? What is that, 2 years and 8 days?
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