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Holy stone is from the magic side perspective but from the science side they call it gemstone or something. From Fianna's perspective it's a HOLY STONE but from Aleister's perspective its a GEMSTONE.

The weird sounds he produce back then when he tried to manipulate the atmosphere is his calculations in rapid speed. And I'm not sure too if he would awaken back then or not but its true he produced weird sound or like weird computation stuff or just mumbling stuff in awaken mode. The only one who could awaken are Accel and Kakine but Aiwass said touma could so maybe the complete imagine breaker is his awaken mode. Plus Aiwass compare kakine, touma and Accel in Egyptian Gods.
I don't remember Aleister calling Touma a gemstone, but I remember Fiamma calling Touma the Holy Stone in the vol.16.
Spoiler for Fiamma:
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