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Originally Posted by LastResolve View Post
lol guha seems intresting character perhaps his power is creating forcefields?
but the true question is if they dont know about his power how can he be a level 5 instead of 0
To me, it's because he's powerful enough to be considered one.

What little they CAN measure, it's probably enough to put him in that classification.

Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Sorry for sounding dumb, but can you elaborate on the 3 gems? Like their purpose and stuff.
No real purpose, it's just that they're natural-born Espers. Incidentally, their powers aren't explainable by Science yet.

Originally Posted by Siegfridus View Post
D: Nuclear weapons!?

Was it mentioned in the novels... or its a wild guess?
I'll like to point out that the author throws around the 'nuclear weapon' comparison quite alot, so I wouldn't take it TOO seriously.

Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
Nah. If Accelerator learns how to keep his distance, which he should have, then Touma has no hope of beating him again. Accelerator lost simply because he just stood there and took all the blows, probably trying to include whatever he thought was hitting him into his redirection filter.
It has been me believe that after taking that first hit from Touma, Accelerator was quite shaken. I mean yeah, for a person who has never been harmed in his life, being punched in the face is a painful thing, he probably couldn't focus too well after that.

But in addition, I think it had more of a mental impact; All of his absolute beliefs came crashing down.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Saints are stronger than level 5. They could make level 5 like a child well except for accel but still his no match for them. The only way he can stood against a saint is when his in black wings mode which index said rivals the power of the saints.

We have only seen 2 Saints in action, 3 if you count the SS. And if it's about an all out smack down, any of the Level 5s could give them a run for their money.

The thing is, they don't know about Magic, and the Saint don't know about Science.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
As of now if you compare the power balance between magic and science. Magic side has the clear advantage with their saints and all but the science side has their artificial angel. Not including Aiwass because his kinda neutral to both sides.
People tend to forget that the Science-side isn't restricted to AIM powers.

They also have nukes.

Originally Posted by LastResolve View Post
so saints are weak against stabbing and such? (similiar to the suffering of jesus christ)
i was keep thinking cant accelarator encrease or decrease the vibrations between molecule theoritically he could melt or freeze anything he wants?
also touma can nullify magic espers etc with his whole hand or just with his palm cuz if with his whole arm then ars magna shoudnt be able to cut his arm off wich would make a big plot hole lol
Anything that is similiar to the way the Son of God was killed.

I heard torturing/execution devices work as well.

Also, Imagine Breaker is only restricted to his hand.

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Mmmm... since saints have a different nature of their power they can inflict damage to Accelerator, but sure he can add them to his filter if he has the chance.
Yes, but if Kaori swings a sword at him, you can bet it's going to go the other way.

Accelerator was able to calculate the entire 'alien' laws of nature that Dark Matter has created. What is to say that he can't do the same for the laws of Magic?

Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Weird sounds?
I don't know more about it than you but I think the situation that time wasn't enough to awaken him.
I imagine it's gotta take a really stressing and life threatening situation to uninentionally achieve that. (typical scenes where a char freaks out / gets owned badly and then unleashes overlimit mode)
Yeah, he started this high pitch chatter. I thought at that time it was something he did with the surrounding air that altered his voice.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Plus Aiwass compare kakine, touma and Accel in Egyptian Gods.
This is new to me, what did he say?

Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Speaking of Kakine, how come he was chosen for the Level 6 project but then got dropped (reason why he hated Acc)?D:
Only got that fact before, any detailed explanation for this?
He was suppose to be Accelerator's backup, meaning a subsitute for the guy.

Obviously, being Number 2 all the time pisses him off.

Originally Posted by Nya~n View Post
That isn't Itsuwa that Touma knocked out, was it?
No idea.

Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
hmm, it seems, that there's that much difference between no.2 and no. 3 seat of lvl 5 physics XD. I was kinda hoping the science side can match the magic side so they can make some major war between the two side in later arc), but seeing the later volume, all hope is crushed(saints? fiana? aqua? not to mention the various magic artifact?)
The thing is, I don't think Aleister plans to use the Espers to fight in his war against magic at all.

Everything he has done is towards the creation of the Artifical Angel. The Espers are there to produce the AIM fields.

And besides, most of them are students, sure he uses some of them. But majority of his strength comes from Armed Groups.
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