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Ah, I got the feeding on you part from 我がとすれば, since according to the dictionary, the third character I bolded meant food. I was a bit confused about that. <<;
Lightning Blade Assailant:
If I were to kill
and feast on you,
then this sickening feeling should disappear!

is what I suggested after asking a few friends about the sentence. orz
Hmm... I think I prefer "Replica". It implies something to be a near-perfect copies of the original, which the Dark Pieces are, and it has a neutral tone that doesn't carry the negative connotations of "fake/imposter". The fanchise, after all, always emphasizes that simply being a clone of someone isn't a bad thing.

And yes, more help is always appreciated.
Well the whole Dark Pieces → Dark → negative, so I can kind of see why Hayate22 wanted to use fake/impostor. tbh, either one is fine with me as long as it's clear that they're talking about copies. If anything, replica sounds cooler!

Okay, time to try and help. Dark Piece Hayate is the heavy kansai, so get enough practice with her and you'll think regular Hayate is a breeeeze~
Spoiler for for size + this time I can do what Hayate22 is doing now that I'm caught up. ;_;:
PS - DLC, DON'T SUCK AWAY MY MONEYYYYYYYYohtoolate. Friend's going to Japan to check out apartments in like, the end of May, so maybe I can grab more PSN cards....


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