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I've never thought that Megumi would be inserted and remembered by KyoAni. +3 points for her angelic voice, well-matured personality, and her solid admiration as a fan after she graduated in Sakura high. Surprisingly, the tea party was a pleasant addition as well as their first live performance including new music towards the end. As expected from Mio, the lyrics of Pure-pure heart were dreamy and playful but nevertheless, it has the same caliber as Fudepen and Stapler song. 6/2 can't come soon enough.

Anyways, the episode was a fun ride. In this wedding-esque tea party, the lack of groom or partner was somewhat disturbing while Mio was walking down the stage with a wedding music, if I heard it correctly, as a background. Mugi was really happy when Azusa and Mio, stunned with a blank faces, sliced a portion of the cake. Ritsu and Yui were both superb MCs. Mio opened up her thoughts to her growing fan club, and Nodoka had a decent screentime upon granting her simple request. Good stuffs nonetheless.
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