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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Well Mio's Poem ran like this (according to Coalguys)

Glittering sugar,
An ingredient for the caramel sauce I mix for you,
Granulated sugar, brown sugar,
Maple, honey, wasabon sugar,
All ingredients for the caramel sauce I mix for you,
My heart is also like caramel sauce
A little burn matters not, for you help make this sauce taste better!

Bottom line : All the sweet stuff the recipient of this poem mixed into her heart made it soft and gooey. And the taste does not matter because she's already in love.

Of course, the risque part is that she's directing the poem at girls, in which USUALLY girls direct stuff like these at the guys they love. Apparently Mugi's rather happy.

For more details, PM Ascaloth or TRL.

You got it all wrong. The "caramel sauce" in the second and fifth line is Mio's music (fitting considering her lyrics). The 6th line changes the use of caramel sauce to represent Mio's heart or feelings. (Implying that she's a sweet sensitive girl like her music). The fangirls burn the sauce (Mio's heart) because Mio finds them a little scary and creepy. However, she says that that's okay because the fangirls make the sauce (both her music and heart) taste better. Meaning that fangirls increase the fun and feel of being in a band and writing music for real fans makes her music better.

I got that at the first reading. It's as clear a blue sky. How can people not get it?

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