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Great episode, good mix of comedy, some development, and nice insert song, so I'd put it only behind episode 5 for the second season so far. The flashback part was surprising well done, and I laughed so bad when Mio's "plan" to break the awkwardness failed so epically.

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The looks on the faces of Azusa and Mio when they were cutting that cake was priceless. Made them look like a married couple. I think Azusa died a little inside right there.
Agreed it was hilarious, and really gave a feeling of dread, poor Azu-nyan xD.

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On another note... If all of S2's IN Songs are as good as Pure Pure Heart in composition, then it'll be an awesome season of K-On music ahead
I hope cause then I might actually be able like HTT's insert songs as much as I like a certain other fictional band's songs *points at sig/avatar *.

Cause Pure Pure Heart was easily better than any of the S1 insert songs if you ask me.
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