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I do like some philosophic things but I see none here at all.

"Oh no! the world will end if Haruhi won't eat ice crem right now! Kyon, go buy her ice cream, NOW!"

How is that scientific and philosophic? Just because we have some random alien, time traveler and god knows who else doesn't make series good either. They actually embrace those kind of scientific things since I didn't see a lamer time traveler till now... The alien is at least smart.

As to why Asakura is better, as I mentioned above she is not two dimensenal as everyone else. She actually has personality and even if she is programed it still looks far more natural than everyone else. She also brings different colour to the series... mostly red... but at least something that spices up that boring atmosphere which was almost the same through thout whole series.

The only episodes that really interested me were on the island. Everything else I could have easily over slept and wouldn't miss a thing.

I really will better watch a show with some spoiled rich brat, at least there is some kind of reason as to why they think they are better than others... they have money and power on their side!
What does Haruhi have? Nothing, she is a normal kid as everyone else who doesn't present anything of what she could be proud of and what would allow her to look down on someone.

To be fair Haruhi deserves a huge spanking, maybe then she finally will gain brains and won't be so annoying.

Maybe, but I still have no wish to bother with it...
It was hard enough to watch Guren Lagan which was so hyped...
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