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translated quote from a russian forum -
"you know, all the while watching haruhi i couldnt shake the desire to bend her over a table and fuck the brains out of that bitch"
while i love haruhi for unexplainable reasons, i find that quote very fitting. not in the sexual context, but rather in the "angry, pissed, annoyed with haruhi" context.
i hate Blue literature. its boring. because its based on classic literature...
i hate some other popular anime, just dont remember right now.
My posts seem retarted? I invoke the freedomof choice upon thee to choose one of the below.
a) Iím batshit insane or mentally challenged. Nyan!
b) Wasu~p?! *brofist*
c) Your mind is too narrow to embrace my genius, de geso.
d) I was accidentally dropped into a barrel of whiskey, so now I am constantly drunk.
e) Go home and die! Dattebayo!

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