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Originally Posted by Samurai dono View Post

I didn't like The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya either, but that doesn't make it a bad anime. Don't trash the whole series and redicule what poeple like about it just because you didn't like it.

People are allowed to like something that wasn't very well made, or hate something that was perfectly done. Why do people set thier tastes as global standards against which things should be measured.

I watched Haruhi, and I could tell from almost every aspect I'm aware of (directing, art, story, characters, etc.) that it was more than just "well made", and unfortunately it didn't come to my liking. Simply, not my cup of tea, as they say. I admit it's a good anime that I didn't enjoy, in the same way I admit Innitial D was a horrifyingly made anime that I liked so much.
I believe that's my real issue.. its not the opinion that grates, its the assertion of an opinion on a subjective analysis as "fact and you're idiot if you think different".

Originally Posted by kitten320
I do like some philosophic things but I see none here at all.
So, you missed the discussions on reality, existentialism, multiple points-of-view, passivity vs action in event analysis. You ignored the entire Oncology Thread in the SHnY subforum (dozens of pages) which discussed the philosophies, physics, and various science fiction motifs used in the series.

Originally Posted by kitten320
Asakura is not two dimensenal as everyone else. She actually has personality and even if she is programed it still looks far more natural than everyone else.
This is an assertion for which you provided no evidence other than your assertion that it is true. Therefore, its simply an unsubstantiated opinion. You still haven't explained *why* you hold this opinion - but as I said earlier, this isn't the forum thread for that. As far as we can tell, you simply *liked* her, she clicked on an emotional level and the others did not.

I could dissect the rest of the post, but the point is, it is fine to have an opinion and it is fine for it be carefully thought out or simply an irrational emotional belief. Just don't state it as some kind of "fact" which inherently implies anyone who thinks differently is a fool. You don't like the series, that's fine. You may have some specific aspects of it that didn't appeal to you, that's fine. But don't start pulling smoke out of thin air that can be factually countered. And don't denigrate others to feel more secure in your antipathy towards a series.

Actually, I rather like the quote idiffer found on a russian forum .... it explains the poster's ambivalent feelings toward the series quite graphically without stabbing anyone else.
"you know, all the while watching haruhi i couldnt shake the desire to bend her over a table and fuck the brains out of that bitch"
The worst thing a series can do is evoke apathy or banality .... series that evoke strong emotions are better remembered and more successful.

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