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Why can't I trash something that I completly didn't like? I have same right to it as praising something I liked. Both opinions are equel and if one can be expressed so can be the other. It is called balance.

I wasn't offending those who like it, have I? I didn't say that those who watch Haruhi are fools, though I really don't get why series are so high in popularity when there are much better shows. But then again it can be appliead to Bleach and Naruto too. And thread clearly says that you are allowed to talk here about anime you HATE! And I doubt that a lot of nice words are associated with word hate.

I just stated the obviouse, I see nothing clever and funny about it. It is exactly the same thing as watching story about spoiled rich kid and her/his not existing parents and servants who keep spoiling her/him in order to keep the job.
Here she is spoiled so the world would not end (aka getting fired) and her servants are aliens and all other scientific stuff.

Exactly the same plot only that author had added some scientific words and slight elements in order to cover the obviouse.

Please tell me what is so clever and phsycological about this show that I didn't notice?

Oh wow... we have several realities! How smart! Is that it?
How lame Bleach wouldn't be but I prefer it take about different worlds (human world, SS, HM and Hell world) far more. Or at least it was presented in far better way.

And even if there was said something smart about that topic in series, it must have been explained in such boring way that it completly passed by without me noticing it.

Oh come on...
Spoiler for Possible haruhi spoilers:

If you don't want to disscuss it here you can PM me or just drop this topic all together.

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