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Its probably actually easier to tear Asakura down than to discuss the others because:
Each character is a rough sketch in a series with many shorthand directing techniques that let the viewer fill-in-the-blanks to create a whole persona in their minds.
You don't even bother to name most of them

Spoiler for Haruhi spoiler character descriptions:

Now.... this isn't intended to actually change your opinion... only to show that your characterizations were purposefully incomplete to justify your emotional reactions.

You say you "see no philosophy at all" ... that's not an opinion, that's an observation. It is like saying "I see no grass on this lawn". An observation that can be refuted since the various philosophies, physics, et al have been documented and even listed as such within the series (e.g. when Itsuki explains his faction's philosophy for How The Universe Works ... or when Yuki explains hers.. or when Mikuru explains hers ...). Really, stick to the more defendable aspects.
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