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If I got that quote right... it is implying to make characters OOC? What was the point of creating them at all then? And as far as I know, the moment you make character OOC, everyone are un-happy...

Mikuri - basicly what I said, nothing special just squeling girl. Except her matured side, but everyone changes when matured... big thanks for that!

Itsuki - once again exactly what I said, nothing special. Does nothing except spoiling Haruhi and doing his work. Only that you have put it in smarter words than me.

You haven't mentioned anything that I didn't.

Those few lines about Asakura still were giving more angles to look at her from than those above.

Then those descriptions were done in such poor way that they didn't affect me one bit. That's actually the only fantasy, their words. I can easily read that in encyclopedia, would give the same feeling.

But still thanks for more detailed information, I appricate it
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