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Originally Posted by LaplaceNoMa View Post
Also this:

You forgot to mention the charm on Natsuhi's door. The only person who should've known about it is Jessica (aside from Natsuhi herself).

However we can take two scenes with 'Kumasawa watching from the shadows' as a hint regarding the other possible person who knew about the charm.
And she also might have known where to go in EP3 for the last 2 twilights involving her parents. She went straight there and Battler also found it strange. Stupid Battler dozzed off so Jessica had no alibi for these twilights.

And apparently Ange found a note book (revealed in episode 6) left behind by Kyrie with details about the whole thing. That sounds too convenient. Why did they reveal that now?
If Hachijo Touya is the one that wrote 3-6 i believe she probably did it to eliminate certain other theories or check if her theory is correct. So the things that happened in EP3 (the siblings possibly commiting some murders, Maria dying early and other strange things) reinforced her arguments. EP4 was to eliminate any interference of other theories such as Kinzo is alive. And EP5, 6 to eliminate the person who might have drifted there and the possiblity of a 18th, to check whether her thoughts about the real nature of Beatrice were correct, the part about Battler's birthday, etc.

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