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I might be wrong but I think like 90% of Beato's trick involves tricking us in relation to the time-scale of events.

For Maria's umbrella and the letter she NEVER claimed she got it from Beatrice in the time between when Rosa hit her and the time Rosa + Battler and cie went to find her (referring to arc 1 scenario only, but I could make similar arguments about the others).

Battler actually at first thought she was smart enough to carry an umbrella with her, meaning he wouldn't (for a reason or another) have noticed if she it had beforehand. The letter is even easier to conceal.
While I really like the idea of Nanjo having something to do with it, it is basically true that we don't even know that the letter and umbrella were delivered to Maria on the spot. Nobody sees it, and only once is anybody ever present when "Beatrice" arrives, and that's Rosa who is somewhat untrustworthy generally. Also note Kanon is skulking about the garden at that time. There's people who could do it, but Maria could also have had everything ahead of time.

The same is basically true of the "discord letter" that appears in the study. Somebody (whether Maria or George or Kumasawa or otherwise) had to already have that letter on hand before ever entering the study. Meaning they either intended everyone to go there to fabricate an excuse to send some people out (this all but necessitates someone in the ep1 study scene is a collaborator with the killer), or the letter was "insurance" in case anybody tried to hide in the study.

I've been suspicious of George since forever. Dude's a real dick.
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