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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
That hair.

Haha character limit. Those two words speaks volumes about Kaoru-chan XD
She is one rare case where one simple thing does indeed speak volumes about her.
I mean alot of great character don't really have one totally awesome trait that we haven't seen like a million times over, "Oh the GAR-ness" "Oh the Booby-ness"

here it's simply "That Hair" and thats all that needs to be said

but the real kicker is her character all round is actually pretty great.
She's got a good one of the lads feel to her which is something you don't see to often in anime and manga nor is it done well in most cases that that.
Way I see it is she may not be like Haruka beautiful but still feminine and girly that you wouldn't put it past her to say "OH HELL YEAH!"(good old boys talk "would you or wouldn't you)

Bottom line, could I spend the rest of my life being waken up by her biting my ears?

God I can't wait for moar of "That Hair"
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