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I give this remake of FMA a 10 considering that they've followed the manga much more closely, resulting in a more compelling story revolving around themes of alchemy, mixed with character ambition and goals, the meaning of life and such under Arakawa's direction of course. I truely like it for the new presentation of the manga content as I felt the manga was good and this adaptation felt very close to it. Characters are developed all well and logical in progression so I have no problems there.

There are certainly a few problems, particularly the first 13 episodes leaving a pretty rushed and misleading impression of the same introductory content as the first series. For example, Hughes development felt pretty rushed and I sort of cared less what happened in result compared to the first series. However, this was only the beginng and as such, it's not until the series diverges into the new, not seen in first season, manga content that really upped the ante of the series by a lot in quality from storytelling to characters.

Again, actionwise, the series does it well, being pretty balanced and tactical with enough variety of alchemy spells and action skills in fights. While presentation overall, is excellent even though I felt the facials of the characters did feel a bit too rounded and a little lacking detail for my liking. Otherwise, FMA:B is a top favourite of my anime list for sure.
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