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Actually, i'm beginning to wonder if this whole timeskip is something Mashima did not plan out before hand. I mean we have a number of unresolved plot threads that feel like they would be a whole lot less relevant after a 7 year time skip.

The Magic Council- When last we check, they were getting ready to disband fairy tail after just one more incident. If they did not disband fairy tail after what happened on their island would that threat really be relevant 7 years later? i mean that would mean that fairy tail went 7 years without doing anything serious and thus probably deserving of some lee way... though who knows, maybe they were disbanded and romeo is the LAST of fairy tail

Raven tail- Now this is a pretty big one. Last we checked on Ivan he was planning on stealing the power implanted into Laxus that gives him his lightning dragon slayer powers. This was never really pursued; Laxus is now gone and even he returns it doesn't feel as relevant; i mean you would think ivan would have came up with a new money making scheme.

Furthermore Ivan was planning on destroying fail tail. Would he really not have found his chance in the 7 years after ALL of fairy tail's strongest members disappeared? Again, he might not have a point to attack if fairy tail fell apart on its own during the 7 years, but again, it feels like a plot thread that loss relevance.

Also we had Gajeel spying on raven tail. How relevant is that spying after 7 years? there's no telling how much raven tail may have changed. And even if he were to return, would Ivan still retain trust in him after he's been hanging with fairy tail for 7 years. afterall ivan thought he hated fairy tail with a fiery passion and as such would never be able to stand "playing the good guy" for all those years.

Not to mention the number 7 has had a alot of significance but now its been 14 years since the dragons disappeared and Lucy's mom died

Hell i might even bring up charlie's premonition... like we were talking about last chapter, that premonition didn't amount to much. I mean she had a vision about a whole bunch of unimportant things but did not see the gigantic doom dragon?! makes me think mashima originally had a different idea for that premonition and what we got was a half-assed version of what he originally intended when he started this arc

All of that felt like stuff that would become a whole lot relevant after a 7 year time skip. Makes me wonder if maybe Mashima started getting the idea that fans were loosing interest, that the serious was essentially becoming repetitive and predicable. And thus he came up with this time skip to breathe new life into the series. Make a huge event which is big and eye catching and will fill readers with curiosity, and allow all the leading characters to disappear so that someone new (who has unlimited chances for development) to take over for awhile.

This wouldn't be the first time I felt this way... like in the case of Lisanna. I still believe that Mashima never originally planned to bring her back, but only did so because she gained a nice boost in popularity after her filler appearances in the anime.
It depends on what you mean by "did not plan this out beforehand." It's clear that this has been planned since chapter 234 at the least. Whether it was planned at the start of the arc or not is more up in the air. I don't think Mashima changed the idea for the premonitions though. The one with Cana and the one with Lucy were pretty much central to Cana's subplot this arc. The introduction of Zeref is important regardless, and if Natsu hadn't had that encounter with Gildarts, we likely would have seen Natsu charging off after Hades alone the moment he saw all the wounded, as opposed to the coordinated assault he helped put together which is what we got.

The Magic Council plot could have simply been used as set up for their interference in things, and the hardline approach they showed then could easily still be used even 7 years later. The Raven Tail plot is more questionable, but we'll see. They can easily be a much greater threat years later, one that gains renewed interest in Fairy Tail with the return of it's powerful members.
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